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Representing Top Quality RV Service Plans and Extended Warranty Programs from A-Rated Providers

"ACC Warranty Group is Your Service Company for RV Extended Warranty."  Acc represents the best carriers in Motorhome Warranty, RV Warranty, RV Extended Service Plans, RV Warranty Coverage, RV Extended Warranties and Motorhome Warranties with Unlimited RV Towing Coverage. 

"ACC Warranty Group is Your Company for RV Extended Warranty."  Acc offers RV Extended Service Plans, RV Warranty Coverage, RV Extended Warranties and Motorhome Warranties with RV Towing Coverage.

The ACC RV Warranty offers the most comprehensive suite of motorhome warranty benefits available for today's motorhome owner, along with an RV Parts Department, Mobile RV Repair Trucks, RV Towing, RV Roadside Assistance and Mobile RV Mechanic Services. 

The ACC RV Extended Warranty is tailored to meet the needs of today's most sophisticated motorhome owner and is especially suited be user-friendly to Full-Time RV'ers and seasonal and snowbird motorhome users. ACC Has The Most Complete RV Service Plan Offering Available Anywhere                                                    

ACC Warranty has been catering to the luxury full time motorhome customer for over 10 years from the same location in Indiana and is the only RV warranty company to offer a full-time RV parts and service department with in-house motorhome service techs at all major RV rallies and shows throughout the year. 

 ACC stages their service vehicles for mobile RV repair services in the leading snowbird locations each year so that we may offer housecall repair service to our customers.  If you would like to enjoy "Housecalls Away From Home" for your motorhome, look into our extended service program more closely.

For RV dealers, we also offer custom designed Dealer-Owned RV Warranty Reinsurance Programs, tailored just for your RV dealership's needs. ACC offers RV Extended Service Contract Programs and RV Warranty Consulting for dealers and manufacturers along with all other related service plan products and service plan consulting services that give our dealer and manufacturer clients a competitive advantage in today's RV market.

ACC Warranty Combines Quality with the Experience You Need

ACC has the coverage you need, the experience to make it work, and the commitment to ensure quality. ACC RV Warranty has been in the same location for more than 10 years now without change.  We have withstood the economic crisis without falter even while EVERY major RV Dealer and RV Manufacturer has either gone away, reorganized, or been bought out.  No Changes at ACC Warranty, None.  ACC is Here for the Duration.  We are the past the hard years now and 2014-2015 will be one of our best years ever.

Current Customer Reviews

Rob and Karen Martin from Annapolis, MD


11/11/13 ACC has been most helpful in locating a service provider to assistance this week while experiencing a difficult to locate fuel problem. Three different techs failed to find the problem and sent us on the road only to have the same problem again. The ACC recommended company was able to isolate the bad fuel line and replace only the bad section saving us over 1000 in labor charges alone. Hopefully that was our last call this year. See you in the sun guys!

Carly from Franklin, TN


11/20/13 5 Star Service!! We would give them 6 stars today but it wasn't an option. 6 Stars woould be for the 6 band members aboard our coach which lost generator functions on the road last night. The Mr ACC shop is easy to get to from the interstate (less than 1 mile from exit) and they have secure parking with security while you wait for repairs. They had two other buses in front of us this morning so we got hotel rooms and were given free use of an ACC company suv to do some shopping while we waited. I can actually say our coach problems today turned into a nice break from the road with a much needed change of scenery. We were also all pretty suprised to see that ACC had a forklift waiting to remove our generator and also a flatbed truck with a small crane standing by to unload the replacement. That kind of Over the top service, good planning with ahard charging shop foreman were much appreciated and not seen too often!!!

BOBBY.OZ from Miami

02/03/14 I was VERY glad to even get a real person on Superbowl Sunday! Even though we could not get the repairs completed yesterday, I slept better knowing you were on the way here. Like pulling a thorn from an elephants foot - we were up and rolling in 60 minutes after the Acc mechanics arived after being dead in the water for 2 days. Bluewater Key or Bust

James March from Indio, CA

07/01/14 We wish to convey a special round of applause for the prompt service and expertise of the ACC mobile employees. Being new to RV ownership, we have much to learn and the ACC technician exhibited great patience and understanding while instructing us on the proper procedure to level the bus and deploy the slideouts properly. Thank you gentlemen! James and Carla March

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